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KorTerra Supports April as National Safe Digging Month

April marks the start of the spring digging season, KorTerra is encouraging homeowners and excavators to call 811 before they dig to prevent injuries, property damage and inconvenient outages. Every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without calling 811. When calling 811, homeowners are connected to state call centers, which notifies the appropriate utility companies of the intent to dig. Professional locators are then sent to the requested digging sites to mark the approximate locations of underground lines with flags or spray paint. KorTerra does it part by providing a software that communicates directly with Call Centers and Excavators to provide a safe digging site.

Once lines have been accurately marked, digging can begin around marked lines.

KorTerra joins the call centers and damage prevention advocates across the country to encourage individuals and companies to call 811 before they begin digging. By having underground lines marked, homeowners are making an important decision that can help them and their communities safe and connected.

The KorTerra software’s main objective is to promote safe digging and prevent damages. The software is a comprehensive One Call ticket management software solution that communicates with Pipeline Companies, Utilities, Municipalities, Contract Locators, and One Call Centers to help them operate as efficiently as possible through the use of our industry-leading technology, while cutting costs by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.  KorTerra’s unique position of collaborating directly with these companies in the damage prevention industry has allowed KorTerra to build a system that truly benefits and promotes safe digging!

Visit for more detailed information of the KorTerra software system.

Visit for more information about 811 and the call-before-you-dig process and the awareness around National Safe Digging Month.






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