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Vannguard Utility Partners, Inc.

ref let vangDecember 22, 2009

Chris Stendal, President
18882 Lake Drive East
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Dear Chris,

I want to thank you and your great staff for the service that you have provided Vannguard over the past 10 years. I feel that we continue to utilize cutting edge technology because of your commitment to development. This continued improvement has given Vannguard numerous upgrades over the years. This allows my company to focus on our core business while knowing that we have an industry partner behind us listening, developing, and creating cutting edge software. This has been a terrific synergy and peace of mind for me, as a business owner.

Though there are many reasons that I truly appreciate KorTerra’s ticket system, my main reason, from my view, is the automatic reporting that I generate and have sent directly to my Blackberry. Some of these reports are sent every 3 hours while others are sent weekly or even monthly. They have become invaluable to me and my staff. I feel the more information I can provide my leadership team the more effective they are at managing my business. Every business needs effective tools to have effective leaders.

The thing that I have noticed about your staff over these many years is that they are always asking questions. They want to know what can be done to make the system better. What we would like see changed? Are we having any issues? I feel that your staff has the same fanaticism about being the best at your business as I hope my staff does toward my business. This would be the primary reason that Vannguard is and has always been a very loyal customer of KorTerra.

I felt compelled to write a few paragraphs because of our long business relationship. Please feel free to use Vannguard Utility Partners, Inc. as a reference for your potential customers. They will hear nothing but great reviews from my staff. This is easy to do because we believe that Korterra is the best ticket management system on the market.


Randy Bern
Vannguard Utility Partners, Inc.

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