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KorTerra, Inc. Introduces New Ticket Entry Management Software for Excavators

Minneapolis (November 19, 2013) – KorTerra, a damage prevention software and one call center solutions company, has introduced a new Web-based ticket entry and workforce management software for excavators called KorExcavator. This software streamlines the excavation process by allowing users to maintain overall operations from pre-planning to excavation to post-work activities, all from one application.

KorExcavator’s capabilities empower the user to submit one call tickets, or call before you dig tickets, from the KorExcavator software directly to a state one call center. While managing a busy workload, excavators and their management team must keep track of many moving pieces as well as follow all excavation safety measures. Utilizing an online workforce management tool helps automate many excavation safety practices, preventing disastrous events caused by missed safety steps.

Users of KorExcavator can schedule ticket submissions online, creating several different tickets at once, which alleviates the tedious task of creating and sending tickets individually. Once the information is submitted to the one call center, KorExcavator receives a copy of the one call center ticket so the excavator can match this to the original data sent, ensuring all information provided to utilities with underground facilities in the dig area is correct.

KorExcavator is mobile friendly, allowing excavators access to the software from the excavation site using a smartphone or tablet. Users can easily upload any pictures, video or other media needed along with submitting a ticket onsite. After an excavation is completed, users also have reports made available to easily generate company analytics. The attachment and reporting tools are not only beneficial to a company’s business intelligence, it also allows for the excavator to have proof of an excavation in the case that a damage occurs and legal action is taken against the excavator.

“KorExcavator offers those in the excavation industry a more comprehensive approach to managing their everyday operations,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal. “Helpful features such as viewing tickets on a map and centralized data storage enhance the excavation process and provide users insight into optimizing performance.”

This product is initially being offered to excavators in Minnesota, with future plans to provide throughout the U.S. To find out more about KorExcavator, visit






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