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One Call Center Guide

KorTerra provides a full spectrum of customizable options for One Call Centers.  Instead of boxing clients into a fixed package, we allow each to select the exact operations pieces needed.  We can perform all call center operations and technology, provide just the software for a self-run One Call Center, or deliver any variation in-between.  We are completely flexible and strive to be a true partner, identifying each uniquely optimal One Call Center operations solution. 

We offer complete One Call Center operations, self-run One Call Center options, and a combination:


Complete One Call Center Operations 

Independent or In-State One Call Center Locations
KorTerra is fully equipped to operate an independent or in-state One Call Center.  KorTerra is headquartered in Minnesota and currently operates a call center there as well, with the capacity to add additional state call centers.  KorTerra can also operate a call center in the state your One Call Center currently exists.  Staffing, training and management can all be provided at the location of your choosing.

Customer Service Representatives   
KorTerra knows we have the best of the best when it comes to customer service representatives.  Each is selected based on his or her ability to think independently, problem solve, communicate clearly, and of course, provide service.  Before taking calls, each representative must complete a meticulous training course.  They are taught not only call-taking procedure, but also the values of the call center and One Call Center board they are representing.  Calls are also monitored to identify areas of improvement and to ensure all calls maintain our high service standards.  A balance of friendliness, efficiency, and accuracy is in each phone call you make to KorTerra.


Help Desk
KorTerra provides help desk support to the excavators, facility operators, and homeowners of each state we represent.  Our quick and efficient staffs answer help desk hotline calls and respond to email inquiries.  They answer state-specific questions about call center procedure and provide application support for the web-based call center products KorTerra provides.

Answering Service Hours and Script
KorTerra can provide answering services during standard business hours or 24/7, based on the needs of your call center.  We maintain dedicated customer service representatives for every state One Call Center we operate.  Each state also requires its own answering script based on its unique laws and digging requirements.  KorTerra can review your current script or develop a new one based on the best practices and experience we have gained working with multiple states.

KorTerra can provide full accounting services to One Call Centers.  Our accounting department performs all invoicing, collections, financial reporting, and billing services.  Customer service is also available to answer any accounting question a facility operator receiving tickets might have for the call center.

Public Awareness and Communications
KorTerra provides in-house communication and public awareness services to support the mission of the One Call Center.  Here are some ways we help support the success of the One Call Center and safety of the people it serves:

  • Promote online products that the public can use to contact OCC
  • Heighten awareness of the OCC through events, damage prevention meetings and other safety related messages
  • Visibility through email marketing, mailings, advertising and event sponsorship

Monthly monitoring is a critical aspect of One Call Center management.  KorTerra tracks and analyzes several key performance metrics and reports monthly statistics to the One Call Center board.  Reporting metrics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Speed of answer
  • Average tickets by source (fax, email, call, remote entry, XML)
  • Caller type (homeowner, excavator, facility operator)
  • Abandoned call rate
  • Non ticket-generated calls
  • Help desk call analysis sorted by type

Process Automation

Automation is a key differentiator in KorTerra’s business processes.  The efficiency, accuracy, and standardization of process automation provide repeatable benefits that we share with the One Call Centers.  Reductions in manual labor and manual errors are the two most significant improvements that process automation yields.  These translate into dollar savings and improved safety rates for the receiving One Call Center.

Technology and Online Applications
KorTerra provides the industry’s most complete and comprehensive set of web applications.  These applications collect information from excavators, facility operators and homeowners.  They simplify communication with the One Call Center and allow users to record information that is critical to excavation safety.  KorTerra’s list of One Call Center applications includes:

  • Positive Response
  • Mobile Positive Response
  • MSAM
  • E-Ticket
  • Mobile E-Ticket
  • Ticket Search

Telephone System
KorTerra utilizes a powerful and flexible phone system for incoming calls to One Call Center.  The system lets us distribute core calling functions across multiple geographic locations to ensure continuous operations.  This configuration also drastically reduces the amount of time needed to add a new state or call center location.  This phone system is also easy for work-from-home operators to facilitate.


Redundant Servers and Redundant Data Centers
KorTerra owns and operates redundant data servers in independent, redundant data centers.  Each server operates separately from all other servers, while still communicating and maintaining the same data.  Multiple data center locations protects information and operational stability that might otherwise be lost in a physical disaster.  KorTerra has an established disaster recovery plan, detailing business continuation and procedures in the event of an emergency.  If one data center is ever compromised, all other centers are completely operational, preventing service interruptions.


Data Security
Along with call taking and informational stability, redundant data centers and servers provide security that’s unobtainable with a single data source.  Technological and physical security is always maintained through our disaster recovery system.  Using the global leader in security and network devices, KorTerra has removed every single point of failure from the system.  This equipment also protects the KorTerra network from any security threats that may exist.

Self-Run One Call Center Options

One Call Centers can implement any one or combination of the technology products and services listed below.  We can integrate any of our products into your existing technology infrastructure.


  • Positive Response System
  • Member Service Area Mapping
  • E-Ticket
  • Mobile E-Ticket
  • KorWeb Partner Program
  • GeoCall


  • Running a One Call Center (call center operations).
  • 24/7 answering service.  Provide CSR/phone staff. 
  • Redundant servers, data center, disaster recovery.
  • Website design and analytics.

Combination Approach

Who knows what you need better than you? KorTerra gives you the freedom to select the right combination of products and services for your One Call Center.  As new challenges, changes, and issues arise, KorTerra can provide customized solutions to any new or atypical problem.  We partner with you to determine the exact operations, technologies, services, and custom development that will help you reach your One Call Center goals.

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