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KorTerra damage prevention software suite

facility map tablet 2GIS Integration

Streamline your workflow with maps that reflect both your data and ours, accessible everywhere you are. With Facility Mapping, we integrate your company’s GIS map data within KorWeb’s interface. Immediately compare your One Call ticket notification area to your underground assets, and access the map from any device through a single application. Your locators will see of all your facilities near the notification area, and dispatchers get information to better screen tickets. KorWeb also captures data instantaneously, providing real-time information for you screeners and locators.

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Facility Mapping also has the flexibility to integrate with any GIS platform, like ESRI, to merge all the information you need onto one map.


  • Displays all of the asset and location information you need on one map – no switching back and forth between screens
  • Provides real-time data for all the maps integrated on the platform
  • Functioning Address zoom, Latitude/Longitude zoom and Measuring tool
  • View how the One Call notification area relates to your underground assets

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