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KorTerra damage prevention software suite

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Response Management

KorWeb’s Response Management enhances Positive Response by eliminating redundancies and letting you correct and report on any failed responses. Positive Response can send a confirmation notice to both the excavator and One Call Center after a facility has been located. This completely automates the process, reducing the time you spend sending tickets. It keeps you compliant with One Call regulations, and tracks/stores outcomes for easy auditing.

With Response Management, dispatchers can also save time by clearing multiple tickets at once. By selecting numerous tickets at the time of completion, the data you enter in the completion screen applies to all of the selected tickets, drastically cutting down the time it takes to close them out.

Additionally, Response Management gives you the ability to audit and manage tickets after the Positive Response. It shows you whether your response has been received and the reason for failure if it was not. Easily resend the response and conduct reporting on failures with the click of a button.

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  • Automatically respond to call center, homeowner and/or excavator
  • Flexible and highly configurable interface
  • Tracks success or failure of responses
  • Information is stored and easily audited

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