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KorTerra partners with Texas 811 to provide members with ticket management software

KorTerra is excited to announce its partnership with Texas811! KorTerra is providing Texas811 members with its leading

One Call ticket management software, KorWeb, at no cost.

KorWeb is a web-based One Call ticket management software designed to increase safety and efficiency by streamlining ticket processing. Texas811 members will have the ability to receive, sort and manage all of their One Call tickets from one application. All information is processed and stored electronically, enabling users to access past ticket information at any time.

KorTerra brings over 25 years of experience to the utility damage prevention industry. KorTerra uses this experience and knowledge to continue advancing its leading One Call ticket management software while keeping safety the top priority. Directly collaborating with One Call centers provides their members with the opportunity to utilize the most innovative and effective industry technology at no cost.

KorTerra’s One Call center partners:

  • Alabama One Call
  • Arkansas One Call
  • Mississippi 811
  • Ohio Utilities Protection Service
  • Oklahoma One Call
  • South Carolina 811
  • Tennessee One Call
  • Texas811


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