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KorTerra KorInsight regulatory compliance


korinsight ipadKorInsight is a web-based tool that streamlines the process of investigating damages to underground assets. Regulatory agencies that collect and manage these cases can conduct the entire investigative process, from automated generation of a case via a one call center through creation of a violation letter, from one centralized location.

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This system provides 100% transparency and efficiency in complying with state regulations. It also tracks historical performance, letting you identify stakeholder trends. Here are some of the features of the technology:

  • Provides regulatory agencies with a comprehensive, web-based tool for managing damage investigations
  • 3rd party cases can also be created without origination from the one call center
  • Allows all parties involved with the case to document “their side of the story”
  • Provides users with the ability to attach photos and other documents
  • Tracks changes along with who made them for each case as the investigation progresses
  • Gives administrators the ability to assign cases to multiple investigators to help balance workload
  • Allows investigators to add internal notes, as well as private notes only viewable to investigative staff 
  • Includes a powerful search mechanism, giving anyone the ability to search for a case and see what was reported

Tell us what you need!

KorInsight can be tailored to fit your regulatory requirements. We welcome the opportunity to work with your agency to automate your investigative process, increasing your efficiency and giving you more time to focus on your investigations instead of the paperwork.

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