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KorTerra zSite documentation by drone



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zSite - KorTerra technology that pilots an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) via our mobile app to capture overhead pictures and videos documenting a point of interest and linking them to a ticket in KorWeb.

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The Sky is the Limit!

Literally. With the advent of zSite, the possibilities are endless. The concept of ground based automation of a UAV via our mobile app leaves application of this technology limited only by your imagination!

Watch the zSite video and see for yourself!

Why zSite is a Game Changer!

3D Locate Documentation

3D Locate Documentation

Compliment ground based photos of the worksite with overhead pictures giving you an aerial perspective to tie them all together and provide rock-solid zSite documentation of your locate.
Hard-to-Access Inspection

Hard-to-Access Inspection

Achieve full visibility of a site without direct access. What is usually an inaccessible point of interest is a simple zSite mission away from photographic documentation.
Asset Flyover

Asset Flyover

Survey your ground based assets from above using the power of zSite to assess their status and monitor adjacent activity.
Claims Investigation

Claims Investigation

As you perform your investigation, also include aerial perspectives of the damage site using zSite.


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